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Xian - Feel

SAMARIS - goda tungl (Official Video) 

iceland wins.

Oliver - Night Is On My Mind 

this one may or may not come with trouble… results vary.

Future Islands—Tomorrow 

… what’s a man to do?

Ryan Hemsworth - Against A Wall Feat. Lofty305 

hems with some wizardry 

Cosmo’s Midnight - The Dofflin (Wave Racer Remix) 

uh huh.  

Disclosure - When A Fire - Live at The Hype Hotel 2013 (by Baeblemusic)

My first ever KoolTown post back on 01-22-13 was Disclosure’s White Noise ft. AlunaGeorge.  

Disclosure, 2 young brothers (the actual sibling kind) from the U.K., have been releasing top records since 2010.  These guys don’t piss around; their productions are fairly simple and typically loop a detuned bass line, 1 or 2 short melodic riffs, and a hat-heavy perc section varied ever so casually throughout.  

What sets Disclosure apart from the gaggle of amateur beat-makers out there (HeavyCrude, I’m looking at you ;) is the breathing room, however slight, these bros allot to each sound element.  Freshness is sealed with unconventional drop placements and hidden build sections.  Their work definitely warrants multiple listens. 

If you have not yet been infected with the sounds of Disclosure’s ‘When A Fire’, your days are numbered as this joint is sure to become one of 2013’s summer anthems.

… eights on the Stanine.  

Until The Ribbon Breaks | Pressure (by untiltheribbonbreaks)

"Maybe in another time…. if there is another time".….

UTRB have put together a real doozy… 'Pressure' is a perfect marriage of strong, meaningful lyrics sparsely placed on top of a sweet & sensual beat… likened to some of The Weeknd’s joints, but conveyed with more heart than hump ;)

at 2:30, we have a beefy mid-section surprise that hits like a firm open-hand blow… but don’t be scared, ‘Pressure’ quickly transitions back to the preceding smooth vibes that ease the sting like a compassionate back-hand caress.  UTRB have left my figurative cheek and literal ears satisfied, comforted, and longing for more.  

yes, this joint is raw, powerful and is likely to stir something from way down deep… caution is advised.  

… a cool 8 on the Stanine.  Bravo.


saw these STRFKR’s play at Sled 2011… dude’s can party.  

wet paint’s remix is a bit of a party as well…. the half-delayed, hollow bass line popping in at 1:16 will surely warm the drums of your heart and tickle the cockles of your ears… wink face ;)  

Daft Punk - Doin’ It Right (The Golden Pony Remix)


the original ain’t nothing to eff with… unless your pony’s golden…. then it’s all good.

new BOC, saywhaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

True to form, these Scottish electronic music legends come out nowhere with this down-tempo dazzler.  New album out on June 11.

Shit Robot - Feels Real (Extended Dance Version)

Majical Cloudz - Childhood’s End


crispy warm drum groove keepin’ this thing fresh 

Grum - Everytime


get them toes tappin’… 

Major Lazer - Get Free (Vacationer Remix)

one of the most original remixes i’ve heard in a while… vacationer will be getting some major attention, i reckon.